Taxi Services and Costs

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    • Taxi Services and Costs

      Hopefully someone can help me. I’ve travelling to Pas De La Casa in January. I’m in my 70’s and my wife is in her 50’s. She still ski’s, but I am unable to due to a bad hip and a colostomy bag.
      My daughter has booked us into Pierre & Vacances Pas de la Casa Princesa and we have looked at it on the map and can see it is at the top of a hill.
      My question is this:
      Is there taxi services in Pas De La Casa and do they operate in the town centre to the top of the hill. My wife would only need to get to the bottom of the slope and back to the accomdation. If this is possible does anyone has any names of companies or even a web address for a taxi company that would operate this service?
    • Hi Martin,

      Unfortunately there aren't any taxis based in Pas de la Casa as it is quite small so they have to be called from the capital, Andorra La Vella, which means there is a high minimum fare - normally around €40. You can call a taxi on +376 863000.

      However, we have spoken to the hotel and they have said that you can get the lift in the hotel and it is then just a 20m walk to and from the slopes, so you would only need a taxi if you want to go in to the main part of the village in the evenings.

      I hope that helps!