Job vacancies 2014-15

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    • Job vacancies 2014-15

      Hi, I am interested in working in andorra for the 2014/15 season and was wandering the best way to find out about bar and restaurant jobs? Also would going out before the season starts and asking for jobs be a good idea because it seems difficult to get hold of employers at this time of year? Any advice welcome!
    • Hi Steve, I'm also looking to work in Andorra this Winter. Is experience necessary to be taken on by bars and restaurants? I have experience in childcare through working as a tennis coach and as a camp councellor in the USA. Do you know of any child care related work available at the resort? Any advice welcome. Thanks, Murray.
    • Hey Steve,

      I'm looking to do some restaurant/bar work this seaaon on Pas de la Casa. I've tried getting in touch with a few places but haven't heard anything back yet (which I expected from your previous posts).

      Just wondering if you could give me an idea of when most businesses would be up and running for the winter and looking for staff? I'm arriving on the 10th of November and would be keen to start working as soon as possible.