Flight Landing, Collecting Bags and getting to transfer bus times

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    • Flight Landing, Collecting Bags and getting to transfer bus times


      We are a group of 4 travelling to El Tarter from Toulouse, Our Flight lands at : 10:15 and we will need to pick up two snowboards and get through passport control and to to the bus stop, Would there be enough time to get the 11:30 shared transfer bus?

      I have read the page titles what bus should i get, which was very helpful but just asking for some opinion and people with experience will 1hr 15min be enough?

    • Hi Matthew,

      Transition time from flight landing to arrivals can range from ten minutes to one hour and 30 mins. There are many factors that can delay or speed up the process including; flight not landing at the correct time (early or late), passport control being busy/quiet, baggage arriving to the belt late/early.

      From experience, we always recommend allowing one hour to get from your flight to the transfer bus for a comfortable transition.

      I would think that one hour and 15 mins would be enough. However, if you do miss the service, you can transfer your tickets (free of charge – same day only) to the next service with available seats. If the next service after is fully booked, then you may have to wait until there is a service with enough space.

      Hope this helps.