Snowboarding - lessons and lift pass (updated question)

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    • Snowboarding - lessons and lift pass (updated question)


      I'm arriving in 16FEB for a weeks skiing holiday with my son. We are both seasoned skiers. However, my son (16 year old) will be taking up Snowboarding this year. He will therefore be taking snowboarding lessons. Before the holiday, he'll also be having an introductory lesson here at Hemel Hempstead Snowcentre beforehand. What are the snowboarding lesson options in Pas de la Casa - are there 3 and 5 day options? And when are the lessons held - a.m. or p.m. Also, what would be the best ski pass to have? I didn't want to buy a full grandvalira pass at the outset. Is it best to just buy daily passes dependent on his progress? I'm hoping perhaps after 3 days of lessons, I'll be able to take him further afield in the resort....or is that being too optimistic? :?:
    • Hi Tangoman69,

      Thanks for your post.

      Starting on a Monday, you can chose 3, 4 or 5 days lessons (3 hours per day) in Pas de la Casa. Lessons are AM for Beginners and PM for Advanced beginners onwards. The best ski pass to get is a full Grandvalira pass. There is a beginner's pass available but it's very restrictive on where you can use it - you wouldn't want to be in the lesson with a pass that won't allow you to go where the class is going. A beginner's pass would only definitely be useful on the first day and the price different between getting a beginner's pass and 5 day lift pass and a 6 day lift pass is €7 so it's really not worth the hassle.

      It all depends on how confident he is and how he picks it up to whether you can explore further but I would say it's likely.