Car Parking - Height Restrictions

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    • Car Parking - Height Restrictions

      Hi there, after the pandemic ruined our last attempt to get to Pas we are finally getting there March 23.
      We will be driving an SUV with roof box so approx 2.0 metres high. Are there any car parks we should look to book with a height restriction that lets us in. We are staying at Hotel Sporting so close to that would help.
      m Any tips welcome
    • Hi Mark

      I don't have the details for the outdoor parking in the centre, but we always recommend indoor parking so that if there is heavy snow you don't end up having to clean your car, which can be very difficult with heavy snow.

      The large indoor car park called Vertical del Maia advertises a maximum height of 2.1 metres, so this should be suitable for your requirements, but always best to check directly with them before you book it.