Ski school & lift pass/ski pass

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    • Ski school & lift pass/ski pass


      We arrive in Pas de la casa on 8th Mar, Skiing to start on 9th Mar, we are a mixed group of beginners/intermediates.

      Couple of questions please:

      - I personally am a beginner but I have had lessons at an indoor ski slope. If I was to do ski school, how long is this for? is it worth while?
      - Would you recommend pre-booking ski school before we arrive if so?
      - We have booked ski passes (5 days non consecutive pass), do we also need to purchase "lift pass"? or is this the same thing?

      Really looking forward to coming, wait for your response :D

    • Hi Abi,

      1) I personally have skied on an indoor ski slope and outdoor slopes, and whilst indoor slopes are good at helping you learn to ski, I think an outdoor ski slope and the conditions are very different, so I would definitely recommend lessons! You would most likely be classed as an advanced beginner (making snow plough turns), so classes would start at 2pm and last for 3 hours per day - you can join ski school for 3, 4 or 5 days. If you wanted to do less than 3 hour per day and start in the morning, you would have to book private lessons which would, of course, be more expensive. I would recommend pre-booking either just so availability is guaranteed in advance.

      2) No, your lift pass and ski pass are the exact same thing :)

      Glad to hear you're looking forward to your holiday, you're definitely coming at the right time with all the recent snowfall!