Snow conditions in Pas de la Casa this month

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    • Snow conditions in Pas de la Casa this month

      I'm planning on coming to Grandvalira this month. Looking at prices, I would prefer to come later in the month (22nd), but I am thinking if conditions are good now it might be best not to wait, so alternatively I'd be looking at the 10th.

      I understand that it's difficult to predict more than a week in advance, but it would be useful to know any expectations for general conditions between the middle to end of the month!
    • Hi,

      Unfortunately there is no exact science when it comes to predicting snowfall. Over the next week or so we are expecting a large amount of snow, so we can predict that the conditions would be good around the 10th, though not as certain for the end of the month as we don't know what the snow forecast looks like yet.

      You can look at our galleries to see snow conditions for each month from previous years: