Snowboarding - lessons and lift Hi

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    • Snowboarding - lessons and lift Hi


      I'm arriving in 16FEB for a weeks shining holiday with my son. We are both seasoned skiers. However, my son (16 year old) will be taking up Snowboarding this year. He will therefore be taking snowboarding lessons. Before the holiday, he'll also be having an introductory lesson here at Hemel Hempstead Snowcentre beforehand. What are the snowboarding lesson options in Pas de la Casa - are there 3 and 5 day options? And when are the lessons held - a.m. or p.m. Also, what would be the best ski pass to have? I didn't want to buy a full grandvalira pass at the outset. Is it best to just buy daily passes dependent on his progress? :?:
    • Hi.

      Good to hear your son is taking up snowboarding :)

      Group lessons start on a Monday and you can take 3, 4 or 5 days of lessons. The lessons are usually held in the morning, though with you visiting during half term, it's likely that morning lessons will be sold out, so they will be held in the afternoon. I would suggest, with him being a complete beginner, that he does as many lessons as he can to really reap the benefits!

      Alternatively, you could opt for private lessons, which can be booked in slots of 2-4 hours. Private lessons are particularly good for beginners as you get 1-2-1 tuition.

      Your son will need a lift pass for the duration of his lessons at the very least, so he'd need at least a 3 day lift pass for 3 days of lessons, for example. I would presume though that he'd like to head out on the mountain outside of his lessons? In that case, you'd need to get him a pass for the duration of your trip - you could always get a pass for the duration of his lessons and then buy a daily pass if he's feeling confident enough, however, this would be more expensive.

      Hope this helps.