Snow chains

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    • Snow chains


      We will be driving up to Pas from Barcelona at the end of Feb and am aware of the new rules regarding snow chains etc in Andorra. However I was wondering, rather than hire them from the car hire company (which can be very expensive) is there anywhere to potentially purchase them as we get closer / into Andorra?

      There will be 3 cars and the hire company want nearly 200 Euros

      Thanks, Neil
    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your post. It may be possible to pick chains up from petrol stations on your way, however it's difficult to say whether the right size chains will be available.

      If you know what vehicle you're hiring from Barcelona, then you could potentially buy the correct size chains in the UK from somewhere like Halfords, but bear in mind this would add extra weight and bulk to your luggage if you're flying. Snow socks may be a lighter, less bulky option, but they aren't as effective as snow chains.

      Hope this helps but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

      You can find more info on driving to Andorra here:

    • Snow chains

      Thanks Ellen,

      Its the usual with hire car.. VW Golf or similar (its the similar that could throw things out) :)

      Are snow socks accepted the same as snow chains in respect of the law in Andorra now or could the police still insist on chains, even if we had socks?

      Thanks again, Neil