Trip with a small baby

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    • Trip with a small baby


      After a break in skiing trips due to pregnancy I am finally planning to visit beautiful Pas de la Casa, now with a baby. The problem is he will be rather small in January (8,5 months old). I will be staying with my parents, and they will help a lot, but still I want to know how easy it will be to find a babysitter there for several hours (3-4) every day? I read about nursery, but it is only for kids after 1 year old... :wacko:
    • Hi Leyla

      Babysitting services available usually depend on the workers who come to Pas each winter - the best thing to do is to speak with your hotel/apartment reception to see who they can suggest.

      If you're not set exclusively on Pas de la Casa you could consider El Tarter which has a lovely nursery called El Floquet ( and you'd still be in the same ski area, although a much different atmosphere from Pas de la Casa.