Driving to Pas de la Casa

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    • Driving to Pas de la Casa

      Hi Everyone,

      I will be driving to Pas de La Casa ski resort for the first time from Barcelona in December over the Christmas period. I have a couple of questions about the drive which I hope someone can answer:

      1. How safe are the roads to Pas de La Casa in terms of barriers on the mountain roads etc?
      2. Are the roads gritted when there is snow/ice?
      3. Would you recommend having snow tyres in addition to carrying snow chains?
      4. Which rental car company is good for snow tyres as an extra option? I've looked at a few providers and none seem to offer it.

      Thanks in advance for your help!
    • Hi Ricky,

      Thanks for your post.

      1. The roads are very safe and are well used, but obviously you need to be midful of the conditions at the time
      2. Yes they are gritted when there is ice/snowfall but during heavy snowfall it's not always possible to keep up with the amount of snow that's falling, especially around Pas de la Casa
      3. Yes, Snow tyres are such a help when there is light snowfall. Putting snow chains on is a real pain, expecially as there are tunnels where they have to be removed. When there is snowfall, the Police set up roadblocks to check if you have snow tyres or chains and if you don't they can fine you quite heavily.
      4. In our experience, companies in Barcelona don't tend to offer snow tyres. Have you tried If Rent?

      Hope this helps, Ian
    • driving to pas

      I have driven from barca several times and rented snow chains from Europe car. You can however buy some snow socks enroute from fuel stations as you get near to Andorra. They are very easy to fit and cost me 30 euro. (chains were £55 to rent. Note some of the car hire companies put on a extra fee for driving to Andorra, typically €10 per day, so check the small print.