March 11-17th -- Slope Action or Apres Ski?

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    • March 11-17th -- Slope Action or Apres Ski?

      Anyone Feel Sorry for Me?? :whistling:

      So I'm coming to Pas alone :( as despite my incessant pestering, I just couldn't persuade any of my friends to join me this year.
      Despite not being able to muster any company, I had this irritating slope itch that I just had to scratch.
      I'm arriving on 11th March 2017 and leaving on 17th.
      If you're is in Pas at the same time and fancy meeting up for some Slope Action (intermediate snowboarder comfortable on blues, reds and some blacks) or Apres Ski (nothing like a few cold pints in the snow right?), reply to this thread and we'll sort something out.
      I'm a fun, sociable early 30's male from Bristol in the UK

    • Hi ads81
      I'm a funny loving guy, there are 20 of us coming on the 11th till the 20th of march. You are more then welcome to meet up with us we love to have a great time we also get drunk a lot thanks.
      P.s if you wanna meet with us we will be in pas de la casa