Is there ANY advantage to hiring anything but economy skis?

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    • Is there ANY advantage to hiring anything but economy skis?

      Hi guys,
      I've been skiing regularly since 1988 and each year I hire the cheapest skis I can find.

      Although I will never win any awards for style, I can ski pretty competently on all but the most vertical slopes. (last season I skied down every single slope in Grandvalira except Riberal and that was only because it was well and truly fenced off for competition use only).

      Each year I pretty much ski non stop from the first lift to the last and have a really good time doing it.

      I'm just doing the rounds again for my next trip but wondered if anyone thinks that hiring anything other than the cheapest economy skis would improve my skiing experience in any way?

      My "cheapest" skis are always in good condition with good edges and waxed and allow me complete control while skiing. They look no different to everyone else's skis so what do you get for the extra money - or is it just a snob tax?

      Just curious...

    • Hi Chris,

      The difference between the cheapest skis and hire levels includes their age, but it also includes the stiffness of the ski, the material it's made out of and can also include different styles (eg. carving/freeride/freestyle). In general, the first two levels of skis are mainly different just in how old they are. However, if you go to the middle level, you do get a higher quality ski. The top two levels are more for those who want the very best and particular brands as well.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.