Driving from Barcelona to Andorra

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    • Driving from Barcelona to Andorra


      We are going to Andorra on January 21st 2017 and are thining of hiring some cars to get us there and back from Barcelona airport

      Has anyone done the drive before? How difficult are the roads? I just read in another post that the toll free roads are better roads?

      A possible complication is that we dont land at Barcelona until 9pm so wont arrive in Andorra until around midnight and so how likely is it
      that the roads will be snowed over? We can get snow chains no problem

      I have asked a bus company about a private transfer and they can do it at that time for 10 people so presumably they arent expecting the roads to be too bad if a minibus can make the journey

      Any personal experiences?

    • Hi Bob

      You can drive via the French border, but there are toll roads, and the French border is more affected by snow. Driving via Spain is longer, toll-free (if you choose) and coming in via Spain is less affected by snow.

      Landing that late you'd have very limited options (if any) for buying snow chains en-route but a car rental company should offer you the option to rent them with the car (although be quite expensive).

      You won't have any idea about the road conditions until the 24 hours before you travel, and possibly right up to travelling - it just depends on what the weather is doing at the time you travel.

      We offer private (or shared) airport transfers all winter (info here), after all it's a ski resort and we hope for snow! All vehicles are equipped with winter tyres, snow chains, and have experienced mountain drivers as our suppliers are based in Andorra.

      Hope this helps, just ask if you have more questions.

    • Hi Bob
      I have driven the last three years without any problems. I avoid the toll roads and France.
      I take the A2 towards Igualda then stay on A2 and you will pick up signs for Andorra before you get to Cervera then its straight up the C14 into Andorra LOOK OUT FOR SPEED CAMERAS there are lots on this route. It takes about 3 hours to Soldeu.
      I have also hired snow chains but they are about 50 euro. If you know what car you are getting you can buy some lightweight snow socks and take them with you they work really well.
      Plus you have the bonus of a car for the week...
      Have a good holiday