Appartment/Chalet lets for the Whole Season

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    • Appartment/Chalet lets for the Whole Season


      After having 2 fantastic holidays there for the past 2 years, my boyfriend and I are looking to go out to Pas for the whole season this winter, but are finding it almost impossible to find any lets for this period of time. We're not too fussy on whether it is a private or shared accomodation, but I can't seem to find anything! Are there any sites that you would recommend? Or would it be advisable to pop over for a weekend beforehand to go around local letting agents instead?

      Also, do you know how much a lift pass would be for the season? I've had a quick look in your shop section but it only goes up to 13 days.

      Cheers :D
    • Hi Cat

      Have a look at this thread:…p?page=Thread&threadID=49 and some of the other threads in the workers section of this forum in case you haven't already.

      If you can head out for a couple of days in October or November then you could find this is a very good plan as you'll get the pick of apartments before most head out late November and early December.

      Season passes are only available directly from Grandvalira which is why they aren't on our online shop. Last year it was €550 if you booked early, and they're usually available from mid to late October onwards.

      Hope this helps!