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    • A group of 4 lads coming out on the 8th of February. One of our party is only 17 and we were wondering what the legal drinking age is in Andorra and how strictly it is enforced?

      Also, what are the prices for beer and spirits in the bars and on the slopes.

    • Not really that tough. It is illegal but not really enforced, at least having been several times to pas de la casa never did I see anyone getting a drink denied, even when they clearly looked 15/16. Actually that was one of the things that bothered me the most last time I was there, young (most of them underage regarding that matter) lads completely wasted everywhere, even being dragged out of some bares as they closed, right into the chilling streets of pas. On the other hand, they usually enforce it on supermarkets, be it alcohol or tobacco.
      Hope this helps, drink responsibly and have fun:)
    • Thanks for answering my question Paulo.

      Not looking to go wild, there more for the skiing to be honest but would have been a shame if one of the boys was to miss out, especially when he turns 18 just two weeks later.