transfers late night to pas from barcelona

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    • transfers late night to pas from barcelona


      We arrive at barcelona airport on thursday 12th feb at 9.05pm and it says the latest shared bus transfer is at 10.15pm. To book that is too close i think to make it out on time, does anyone know of any later buses that go up to pas or any other companies or shared transfers also? Or would the bus perhaps wait for all passangers?

      Thanks Shaun
    • Hi Shaun

      Unfortunately that's the last bus from Barcelona to Pas, and it's a scheduled service so normally leaves on time. There is a bus at 23:00 from the airport with a company called Direct Bus, but they only go as far as Andorra la Vella, so then you'd need a taxi from there to Pas, which is around 30km away.

      Alternatively you can book a private transfer, and we can arrange that for any time to suit you.