Advice for an inexperienced skier

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    • Advice for an inexperienced skier

      Hi all,

      Great to see the good start to the season!!

      I have a short trip booked in for the end of Feb which gives me just 2 days on the slopes. I am not a complete beginner but at the same time am far from polished. I'm not looking to ski too far in those two days but would like to see one of the igloo bars. I'm staying in the Himalaia Pas hotel. Any advice on getting to the nearest igloo bar via the easiest route? Im not the best at reading piste maps and there seems to be lots of runs and lifts etc. Thanks

    • Hi Ryan

      Can you ski a red piste?
      You need to be able to ski a red slope if you want to get to the Igloo hotel and back in Pas. Saying that if you can it's really close by and only involves one chair lift and half a red slope to get to. You can take either the Font Negre 6 man chair or the Pas de la Casa 4 man chair. From the top of them both you can see the Igloo hotel. it's a short run down the red slope pala nova and your there.
      To come back you would need to ski then all the way down into Grau Roig from the Igloo and take back up the 6 man Pic Blanc chair. You would then be on a red slope/ blue half way down all the way into Pas. The first top part of the Directa red slopes into Pas are the steepest and narrowest of all and do sometimes get quite congested because of this so just take your time on that part.

      Hope this helps :D and even if you're not great with piste maps make sure you've got one in your pocket for when you need it.

    • Hi Ryan

      You should defo go take a look for sure! and like I say it's really close to Pas. They usually have some really impressive ice carvings and statues inside and if you get a nice sunny day it's great to sit outside in a deck chair and have a drink there.
      When you get here you can pick up a pick map from the lift pass office too....I'm all for old style paper over technology but glad to hear you've found a good app.

      Hayley :)