Lesson for family

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    • Lesson for family


      I found that a skil lesson is starting 10am for beginner and 2pm for intermediate. Is there any lesson for intermediate in the morning time?

      My plan is to get a lesson with my children same time and playing with them after lesson. If there is no morning session for this,

      would it be ok to participate beginner lesson even my skill upto intermediate?. I can enjoy red slope and quite sure for black.


    • Hi Cho,

      The times listed on the site currently are based on last year and we have had no indication yet from the school that these are due to change. If the school decide to make any changes to the lesson times this year we will know more at the beginning of December once the school has re-opened, so it may be worth you checking back to the site next month.

      If you are comfortable skiing reds and blacks I would suggest that beginner lessons would not be beneficial to you as your level would far exceed that of the rest of the group.