Bus within Pas de la Casa

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    • Bus within Pas de la Casa

      Does anyone know if there is a bus that operates within the city? I am staying at the Himilia Pas which is on the other side of the slope from the beginners area. Last year, we walked to the beginners area from the hotel and by the time we got there my kids were already exhausted just by the walk. If anyone has any recommendations it is appreciated.
    • Hi :)
      There are not really any buses in Pas, apart from the ones leaving the main bus stop at the bottom of the village to go to the other towns. If you have been before you will know how small the streets are and also clogged up with people walking down the middle of them :wacko:
      There is a small village mini bus that runs from Pas bus stop to the Costa Rodona area but I'm not sure of it's route or whether it lets skiers on, it runs around every half an hour. I think if it does run past the himalaia the closest you would get to the beginner area would still be down by the big Olympia shop at the bottom of the slopes.
      Best thing to do would be to ask in the Himalaia reception about it when you arrive as they will know best if it comes past the hotel.

      Hayley :thumbsup: