How to find jobs in Andorra

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    • How to find jobs in Andorra

      I am hoping to find work in Andorra for the 09/10 ski season.
      Does anyone have any advice on the best time to look for work, or any website in particular that can help find work prior to arrival?
      I am planning to do an intensive month long spanish course in Barcelona prior to arrival then going to Andorra to find work in either a bar/restaurant. Also, does anyone know what jobs are best to get max time on slopes? What sort of job pays the best?
      Any help/advice on the matter is greatly appreciated!
    • Hi Jacinta

      There are always loads of jobs available in Pas de la Casa for winter, but French is much more widely spoken in Pas de la Casa than Spanish, but it would still be an advantage. Spanish is more widely spoken in Soldeu and Arinsal. I've just added information about getting a work permit - have a look on the Resort tab for "Working in Pas", as there are a few things you'd need to do before you travel. Have a look at the Natives website as they have a wide variety of jobs in ski resorts. I'll also advertise any jobs bars let me know about on the "Working in Pas" page.

      Hope this helps

    • Season Snowboarding in Pas

      Hey Steve,

      thanks to you and Emma for setting up this website. I spent a week in Pas about 5 years ago and loved it and have alsways wanted to go back. I am now toying with the idea of doing a season there 2009/10. This website has been my first port of call and already extremely useful.

      So the Police checks etc is 100% mandatory to work in Pas???

      Could you advise me when would be the best time to actually go to Pas and start looking for a place to stay and work, does the season start in December?? (when would be best to get over and hopefully try get set up, digs, accom etc?)


      Fouf ;)
    • Hi Fouf

      I'm glad you like the site, and thanks for the positive feedback! :D

      As for working anywhere in Andorra, you'll need to get a green card (work visa), and to get this you will need a police report that has been verified by the country you come from (in the UK it's the FCO who legalise documents). Remember, Andorra isn't in the EU which is why they can set the own immigration policies.

      The best time to come out will probably be towards the back end of November as the slopes are due to open on November 28th, however the main loads of British tourists will start to come out Christmas week as this is when the UK charter flights usually start.

      Once you arrive, head around the bars and restaurants to get your job. They will then help you to get your work permit as you can't get a permit without an employer. It then takes around 2 weeks to get your permit once you've got your job.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      Steve :thumbup:
    • Dear Steve

      i got a quaestion... where do you think to start, look for jobs or first go to the imigration office to ask for the visa?
      do you think is going to be any job in tourism for someone who speaks english, german and just a bit spanish?

      thanks a lot
    • You would need to bring your legalised police report with you to Andorra, but you need a job before you go to immigration as it is your employer who sponsors the visa and pays for it.

      English is widely spoken in Pas so you would probably be able to get a job in a bar or restaurant aimed at British tourists so long as you have experience. If you wanted to work, for example, on a hotel reception you would need French and Spanish.
    • Hi Kamil

      It will depend on you as a person, how you come across, if you've experience in anything similar, and who else is going for the same jobs that you are.

      If you're set on working in Andorra, just head out with your legalised police report and a wedge of CVs and put yourself about a bit!

      Good luck,

    • im looking for working in a barin pas de la casa in winter season 2011/12 im a superviser in my local pub with 3 years experiance but lookin for fun and a differant experiance but i dont speak any other languages will this be a problem ?(
    • hi steve,
      thinkn of heading out to andorra this winter, but wondering about a visa. are you saying we dont need a visa till we get there and get work?
      we just need to bring a police clearance from our country?
    • That's right, just turn up with your police report - but this has to be legalised first with an apostile stuck to the back to prove it's genuine. It's then your employer who has to get your visa.

      It also has to be presented to immigration within 3 months of the issue date, so if you've already got one just make sure the date is ok.
    • Thanks Steve for ur help, also was wondering is it hard to find workers accommodation for the whole season? im trying to look online and have it sorted before we get there but nothing is coming up for it.. Would we be better off waiting till we get over to sort it?
      thanks charlene
    • Temporary Accomodation

      Hey Steve,

      Im looking at coming out for the season the end of November with the view to find work. I was just wondering if you knew of anywhere relatively cheap place to stay in the local area whilst im searching for work and have found my feet.