How to find jobs in Andorra

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    • Pretty much! I don't recall ever being asked for my birth certificate though.

      I think the "clearance certificate" they refer to is the police report. CASS registration (medical cover) is taken care of by your employer. Your CV surfices for the proof of qualifications.

      Whilst it appears complicated, normally your employer will help you with the documentation, and as they do it every year they'll know what to do.

      You can't get a work permit without a job, so you wouldn't have to do it on your own.
    • Work permit

      Hi Steve,

      My name is Marco, I am currently living in Ireland but originally from Brazil. I am willing to work the 2013/ 14 winter in Pas-de-la Casa where I've been two years ago. By reading the previous posts I understood that I can just go to Andorra (in case I am not successful find a job before hand) ans start looking for a job there. If I find it then I can apply for a work permit, right?
      I have almost three years of experience in hotel in Ireland, fluent English and some Spanish, I understand much better than I can speak. Do you think my chances are good? I thought I would be more successful working in the area where the public target are Brits and Irish.

      Many thanks

    • Hi Marco

      Having experience is always an advantage, as is being able to speak a bit of Spanish, however French is more common in Pas than Spanish.

      So long as you have your legalised police report already then it's definately worth coming out without a job and looking once you've arrived, although obviously if you can have a job lined up or at least have made some initial contacts before you arrive that's a huge bonus.

      You can't get a work permit without a job as it's your employer who gets it for you, so that all happens once you've secured your job.

      I hope this helps!

    • working winter 2013/14

      Hi, I'd love to come and work a season and was wondering if you tell me when the best time is to come out to find work. I have been to Pas de la casa 4 years in a row so know the resort very well but I need some help as this is my first time looking to work. How do I go about getting a place to stay and how do I get work? Any advice will be gratefully appreciated. I need to make a career break application to my employer in the U.K within the next month so look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards Will.
    • Hi Will

      Most new workers head out at the very end of November or the beginning of December.

      For accommodation you're best off booking into somewhere cheap (or not, depending on your budget) for a week or two whilst you find a job and somewhere to live/people to live with. Your accommodation depends on your job/employer as some employers help out with finding apartments or maybe have a 'workers flat' but then again others don't help out.

      You'll find info about estate agents and finding jobs etc. on some of the other threads here in the workers section of the forum.

    • Hi Steve,

      It's Marco once again. So I have decided to go to Andorra for the winter season, I'm about to book flights, my question is, when is it good to arrive in Andorra? I thought about beginning of October ad if it's too early to look and find jobs then first week of November would be my second option. I will fly to Toulouse probably as they have good bus connections by what I saw.

      Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Marco

      October would normally be far too early as most seasonal jobs don't start until December. I normally find workers tend to start arriving mid-November because don't forget if you don't start a job for a month or so then you'll need to have enough money to support yourself with no work.

      As for airports, Toulouse has two daily services in October/November whereas Barcelona has five services daily then, so it may be easier to match up your flights with transfers from Barcelona. You can find prices and timetables for transfers and book them online on our airport transfers page.

    • Hi Steve,

      It's me again! First of all, many thanks for the reply.
      I will have to leave Ireland by October, early November at least. So I was just wondering, how much would be the average cost of life per month? And as a waiter, let's say, what would be the average wages? With that in mind I can start getting ready to hit Andorra. And regarding accommodation, where would be the best place to start? A hostel and then looking for a place? Or is there any website I can start looking for house share?

      Thank you very much,

    • Wages in bars and restaurants are usually around €1200 per month less CASS (medical cover) but that's not too much.

      Accommodation depends on the standard, and with a share you could get it as low as €200-300 if there's a lot of you in a smallish apartment, but just depends on the standard you want. Try these estate agencies: and - not sure if they'll have season lets on yet but you could give them a call. I'm not sure of any agency who organises house shares, but you could ask around as you call places.

      I'd definately book into a hostal/cheap hotel before you arrive - lots of very cheap places in Pas especialy out of season.
    • i need a job

      hi dear how r u..i need a job and i have a experience in social work police department and education and agriculture..kindly you give me job if any match my profile.. :) i am interested to join the andorra..i am just waiting for any job proposal..
    • Working in Andorra

      Hi there,

      I'm a U.S. citizen, and I'm currently a candidate for a Fulbright grant to Andorra. If I were selected, my fiancée would love to come along with me.

      She is currently an English teacher for students aged 12-15. Do you know if she could find work in Andorra? She would love to teach, but would be open to work as an au pair. Do you know of any opportunities over there?

    • Pas de la Casa

      Hi Steve, I've looked all over for seasonal accommodation for my mate and I, I cant find anywhere really in Pas de la Casa, where can I find quite cheap accommodation for us, if there isnt really options in Pas, do you know other resorts in Andorra with good nightlife and where spanish is spoken as well as English?
    • Hi Stan

      You wouldn't really find anything now for next season as it's far too early for owner and agencies to think about renting 7 months away in advance. They wouldn't commit to anything now as they hope they may find someone to rent all year round. They only let places go for seasonal rents quite close coming up to the season.

      The best thing to do is search around on Andorran estate agents. There is quite a few of them working all over different villages in Andorra and here at least you can see if what the kind of things available and contact some agencies by email.

      If you use and serach for inmobiliaria...which is Spanish for estate agent you should find lots on websites. A lot of them are in Spanish and Catalan only though but still pretty simple to use for browsing.

      Good luck! Hayley :)
    • Hello. :)
      Can somebody give me information?
      I am a highly educated hairdresser and man barber. Has traveled all over the world. I have worked in five-star hotels and six-star cruise ships.
      For years I thinking that I realy want to work in Andorra.
      Can anybody recommend a hotel or Spa wher i can work?
      Where could I apply?