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  • could you tell me the best place to go for a womans helmet for my wife we arrive on sun 15th jan also wot are the opening times of the shops where we can buy a helmet we also need to get some gloves thnks hopey

  • hi there we are coming out next sun(15th) and were ment to be staying at the iglu hotel for a night while we are there but just got an email saying that it has not been built yet was wondering if you could shed some light on this and let me know wot is happening with it as it was a anniversary gift for my wife and me also i heard that the col blanc restraunt run by ksb opens on a thurs night if so how would i go about booking this as an alternative to the iglu hotel thnks hopey posted this on so…

  • thnks alot thats a big help

  • hi ,we are coming the 15th of jan and staying at hotel cal ruiz was wondering if u could recomend ski lockers we could use while we are there also we arrive on a sunday is it best to go that day and take our boards or the next thnks

  • hi was just wondering when the new discount vouchers for this season would be put up we are coming over on the 15th jan for a week for the first time and i see from other posts that they are handy to have and helpfull in getting u to go try other places thnks a lot hopey