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  • Hi John The bars and restaurants should be fine - they missed out on a month of trade this winter, but most don't open durign the summer months, so the restaurants and bars in Pas de la Casa should be ok again for next winter. Steve

  • Hi there, Apres is a difficult one to predict as we can certainly recommend some places with good DJs etc but of course we can't guarantee how busy/lively they will be! Just to manage your expectations though, there isn't really any 'dancing on tables' type mountain apres as there is in French ski resorts. However, there are some really good DJ's that play at Veuve Clicquot lounge in Soldeu, Iqos Terrace in El Tarter, Cala Bassa in Pas de la Casa (as you mentioned :)), and all generally get quit…

  • Hi Abi, 1) I personally have skied on an indoor ski slope and outdoor slopes, and whilst indoor slopes are good at helping you learn to ski, I think an outdoor ski slope and the conditions are very different, so I would definitely recommend lessons! You would most likely be classed as an advanced beginner (making snow plough turns), so classes would start at 2pm and last for 3 hours per day - you can join ski school for 3, 4 or 5 days. If you wanted to do less than 3 hour per day and start in th…

  • Hi Mark, The lift pass and lunch offer is only available when pre-booked. It is not available when purchasing at the ticket office in resort. Ella

  • Hi, Unfortunately there is no exact science when it comes to predicting snowfall. Over the next week or so we are expecting a large amount of snow, so we can predict that the conditions would be good around the 10th, though not as certain for the end of the month as we don't know what the snow forecast looks like yet. You can look at our galleries to see snow conditions for each month from previous years: Ella

  • Not a problem - the irish stew is amazing, one of my favourites after a day on the slopes! Have a great holiday. Ella

  • Hi Leo, The kitchen at Paddy's is open on Monday's & Tuesday's till 6pm, and every other day till 8pm, with last orders at 7:30pm. Thank you for pointing this out though - we will be sure to change the discount vouchers to clarify this! Ella

  • Hi Shane, The collection office does get busy in the mornings, though generally the queues move very quickly. I would suggest getting there as early as possible though, just in case. If you have arrived in resort before 4pm, you can always collect your lift passes the day before. The ticket office opening hours are 8:30am-4pm. Ella

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    Hi, Unfortunately there are no ski guides for the Pas de la Casa area, though there are mountain guide excursions for cross-country skiing. You can find out more here: It could be worth looking into booking a private lesson with an instructor and ask, rather than to be taught, to be shown the area and the best pistes. You can book these by contacting the ski school directly on +376 871920 or +376 872927. Apologies I couldn't be of more help. Ella

  • Hi, Advanced beginners are generally able to make controlled plough turns down the hill on an easy slope unaided and not fall over regularly. Advanced beginner lessons start at 2pm. Ella

  • Hi, A taxi from Hospitalet to Pas de la Casa would be approximately 30 euros. Usually taxis are called when needed rather than pre-booked, however it may be worth giving them a call to see if you can book one in advance. Here are the phone numbers of the taxis’ companies: Taxis Pas de la Casa: Taxi Altitud Pas (TAP) (+376) 856 255. Taxis Hospitalet: (+33) 5 61 64 47 14. Ella

  • Hi Ashley, Pas 83, Olimpiades and El Marselles all have vegan options, though I'm sure many other restaurants would be willing to accommodate if you mention your dietary requirements. Hope this helps! Ella

  • Hi Nigel, Thanks for your post. We tend to agree and have raised this directly with the mountain operator Grandvalira (as they set these rules) - but unfortunately they have chosen to stick with their current system. It's just the way they choose to determine the parameters of that pass. Ian

  • Hi archash86, We'll find out some options for you and get back to you ASAP, Thanks, Ian

  • Hi Shane, When driving to Andorra the first thing to check is if your rental company includes cross-border travel to Andorra, or if they charge extra. From experience it’s usually the more well-know brands who include it within the price, but best to check. Also you need to know if they include just cross-border to Andorra or if they also include France (if you intend driving that way) as they are often listed separate by rental companies. The companies we have personally used without extra char…

  • Hi Matthew, Transition time from flight landing to arrivals can range from ten minutes to one hour and 30 mins. There are many factors that can delay or speed up the process including; flight not landing at the correct time (early or late), passport control being busy/quiet, baggage arriving to the belt late/early. From experience, we always recommend allowing one hour to get from your flight to the transfer bus for a comfortable transition. I would think that one hour and 15 mins would be enoug…

  • Hi. Good to hear your son is taking up snowboarding Group lessons start on a Monday and you can take 3, 4 or 5 days of lessons. The lessons are usually held in the morning, though with you visiting during half term, it's likely that morning lessons will be sold out, so they will be held in the afternoon. I would suggest, with him being a complete beginner, that he does as many lessons as he can to really reap the benefits! Alternatively, you could opt for private lessons, which can be booked in …

  • Hi Tangoman69, Thanks for your post. Starting on a Monday, you can chose 3, 4 or 5 days lessons (3 hours per day) in Pas de la Casa. Lessons are AM for Beginners and PM for Advanced beginners onwards. The best ski pass to get is a full Grandvalira pass. There is a beginner's pass available but it's very restrictive on where you can use it - you wouldn't want to be in the lesson with a pass that won't allow you to go where the class is going. A beginner's pass would only definitely be useful on t…

  • Hi Nathan90, You should find all the answers to your questions here Hope that helps! Ian

  • Hi, Whilst there are no restaurants that are fully gluten free, many restaurants in Pas de la Casa offer gluten free meals. They are usually highlighted on the menu, and menus are generally displayed on the windows/outside of restaurants so you can see what they offer before you go inside. Ella