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  • Xmas

    Gerry Irish

    Thanks Steve ,yea we will keep any eye out for Santa even tho we are bait old wud still be gud to see lol. And it's not all about the drink for us although we do like a drink lol.ill keep and eye on ur fb page closer to the time. :) . If u hear of anything else goin on over that time let me know if u can. Thanks agin .great job :thumbsup:
  • Hi Gerry

    All the bars normally have Christmas parties going on until the early hours, plus various restaurants with Christmas lunches.

    In terms of Christmas events, normally Santa comes to Pas on Christmas Eve but it's more of a family event rather than a drinking event, although worth looking out for.

    Christmas events haven't been confirmed as yet but we'll post them on our Facebook page once we hear about things.

  • Xmas day

    Gerry Irish

    Just wonderd does anything happen over Xmas ?or Xmas eve? I'm sure ther will be a gud drink and party that nite/ nites . But just wonderd was ther any special trips etc :whistling: